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The witness to the development of China (Shaoxing) glove machine manufacturing industry

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     The witness to the development of China (Shaoxing) glove machine manufacturing industry

     In 1996, maybe 1997, when I was in college, occasionally when I went home, I saw that an imported Japanese Matsuya brand chain glove machine was dismantled in the new workshop which just bought in the next building. My father’s old colleagues (They were the technical backbones of Keqiao Textile Machinery Factory at that time) were surveying and mapping parts. For everyone, it should be a commercial secret at that time!

     Since 1998, this prototype has many derivative products. This can be said to be the first generation of glove knitting machines made by Chinese (more precisely, made by native of Shaoxing), and it is also a product of Yuezhou Hardware Factory owned by my father Mr. Yu Yunquan and my uncle, Mr. Jin Zuding (founder of Jinlong Machinery).



     The Yuezhou Hardware Factory was rented in a dilapidated small courtyard of the village committee. There are some traditional equipment for manufacturing mechanical parts, and there are about 40 workers, mainly manufacturing hosiery machine parts.

     In the summer of 1995, I knew nothing about money. I was admitted to the teacher education major. Thinking about my future career as a people’s teacher for 500 yuan this month, I once asked my father: How much money does your factory make a year? Father replied: Every year we will add some new equipment. Your uncle and I can still get up to 100,000 yuan. I was surprised and happy: Then you will be a millionaire in ten years!

     Later, because the parts factory was changed to a complete machine factory, in 2000, our family had a large-scale enterprise, Shaoxing County Jinteng Knitting Machinery Co., Ltd. Why is it called Jinteng? My grandfather's last name is Jin.

     Digression: My close relatives are all maternally inherited, haha! Also, in August 1999, I just


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