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High speed glove machine confi

Dahao Electric Control System


Adopting Dahao high-speed intelligent electric control system, equipped with 7-inch full-color touch screen, the system supports high-speed forward and reverse rotation of the needle selection drum and the integrated chassis makes maintenance and management very convenient. When the machine is connected to the Internet, you can remotely control the production situation of the factory through the mobile phone APP, view the orders at any time period, the overall status of the failure, the pattern file, and the online management of the output.

Front and Rear Timing Belts


The front and rear carriages are individually controlled by two timing belts, and the front and rear timing belt wheels rotate coaxially with the servo motor, so the force is more even, so that the fast moving carriage can run smoothly.

Automatic Elastic Yarn Feeding Device 


The elastic yarn automatic feeding device controlled by the stepping motor can automatically control the tightness of the rib cuff and improve the wearing comfort of the knitted glove.

Transmission Device of Stitch Holder and Cutter


The stepping motor controls the transmission of stitch holder and cutter, which greatly reduces the transmission parts, improves the knitting efficiency, and can control the position of stitch holder and cutter arbitrarily and accurately, which provides new possibilities for knitting different types of gloves.

Worm Drive Needle Selection System


The drum adopts a worm drive  needle selection system. The new function of forward and reverse rotation provides more possibilities for needle selection when knitting gloves, making the pattern of the fabric more abundant. The drum can be reset super-fast at any position (speed is 500 RPM), no need to change the high and low jacks, and the elastic yarn can be switched freely (1x1, 1x2, etc.).


Carriage Operation Control Main Motor


The servo motor is used to precisely control the reciprocating movement of the machine carriage, which greatly reduces the complex transmission components of the ordinary glove machine, improves the accuracy of the machine carriage, and reduces mechanical failures.


Automatic Oil Supply System


Wearable parts are supplied with oil by the automatic oil supply system, which greatly causes wear and tear of parts due to forgetting to refuel. Greatly reduce the cost of labor and accessories for machine maintenance.

Independent Small Air Pump Wireless Head Device


For the 13G forehand, 7G and 10G cotton gloves that do not need to be turned over, the independent small air pump has replaced the large-scale air compressor, which reduces the investment in equipment and air circuit, and the small air pump only blows when needed, and the daily power consumption is also extremely low.

Stop Motion Lighting Lamp


The small lamp installed at the center of the tension set frame will light up when the machine stops due to various reasons, illuminating the position of the needle bed of the machine. So as to supply the deficiencies of the light source and facilitate various tasks such as threading and maintenance.



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