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High speed glove machine funct

Automatic Overlock device


Gloves are knitted at one time, and the rib cuffs are not loose. It is suitable for all kinds of labor protection gloves and can replace the overlock process to a certain extent. The use of different specifications of elastic yarn, X-yarn, spandex covered yarn, has different performance in the tightness and appearance of the rib cuff.


U2 device


The inner and outer layers can be made of different materials, and the inner layer is generally made of nylon, which makes the gloves feel more soft and comfortable.



U3 Device


Zebra pattern is a common technique for 13-needle gloves. Using the thread changing function of different yarn feeders, two yarns of different thicknesses are used regularly to make the gloves have a bumpy texture and increase the friction on the surface of the gloves.


2-color stripes device


The two-color stripes pattern is also the traditional craft of 13g and some warm gloves.


 Finger-color Device


Yarns of different colors or materials can be switched with your fingertips, which are generally used for touch screen gloves, and you can use the touch screen of mobile phones and other devices conveniently and sensitively during work.

Free switching between half finger and full finger


Half-finger is a traditional type of glove. Between half-finger and ordinary full-finger, the old model glove machine generally makes one fixed type of glove, and only skilled technicians can switch between the full-finger and half-finger. However, this new type glove machine can set up both types of machinery and programs in advance, and users can switch between these two types of gloves freely as long as they operate on the operation interface.

Free switching between “Large” size and “Medium” size

At present, the knitted glove industry mainly produces gloves in two sizes, the medium and the large. These two sizes of the old model are generally used for one machine, and can only be changed by skilled technicians. However, the new type glove machine can set up the machinery and procedures of the two sizes in advance, and the user can freely switch between the two sizes of gloves as long as they operate on the operation interface. However, this function has a little impact on the production efficiency of the machine. For customers with a small number of orders and high profits, they can buy less machines and reduce investment.


Free switching between regular jacquard and plain patte


Due to the new type high-speed glove machine can realize the positive and negative rotation of the needle drum, it can knit some regular small jacquard patterns, and some niche labor protection gloves are in demand. In order to allow customers to knit ordinary plain gloves at the same time, both types of machinery and procedures are set up in advance. Customers can switch between these two types of gloves as long as they operate on the operation interface.


Free switching between mitten and full finger


Mitten gloves are rarely used in the labor protection industry, but the function of the labor protection glove machine is also sufficient to knit plain warm finger gloves.


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