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GK2018 Small carriage high-speed glove machine

GK2018 Small carriage high-speed glove machine

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Compared to the DW2000 and DW2004, the new intelligent glove knitting machine demonstrates outstanding performance in reducing maintenance rates, energy consumption, and labor costs.


The intelligent glove knitting machine replaces the complex mechanical transmission structure of the old machine with servo motors, reducing the machine's maintenance rate and significantly decreasing power consumption. While increasing the original production by 40%, energy consumption is reduced by approximately half (the intelligent machine consumes about 3-3.5 kWh per day, while the old machine consumes about 6-7 kWh per day).

Thestandard configuration of intelligent glove knitting machine adds an automatic over-lock function, enabling gloves to be knitted in once forming and replacing the manual binding process. Additionally, through various optimizations in the independent air pump and knitting method have been implemented, the thread-free external-side-gloves (No need to put inside out) is basically achieved. This eliminates the cost of equipping large control pressure machines or thread cutting processes for front-side-gloves factories.


The machine has a sleek and lightweight design, occupying minimal production space. The small machine head design used reduces the size of the machine head by 20% compared to the old model machine with the same needle pitch, resulting in a weight reduction of approximately 35%. Combined with the use of lightweight yarn driven by the yarn feeder, the machine exhibits excellent responsiveness and high knitting efficiency. The knitted lightweight gloves are suitable for precise labor tasks, especially in the electronics industry as labor gloves or as substrates for other specialized gloves.


The machine also offers optional features such as an automatic glove neaten device, thread-free non-contact needle breakage detection system, U2, U3, dual or tricolor stripes, regular jacquard patterns, half-finger, two-color fingertips, thread-free ends for external-side gloves, low-fork

for the little finger, and one-touch switching for any desired half-finger configuration.


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Phone & Wechat & Whatsapp: +86-13606550405

Email: yuxy@dwkm.com

Address: Kebei Industrial Zone (Xihuan Road), Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province

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